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Online Math Lessons, Coaching Classes
Math Classes on Skype, Zoom for Middle School, High School and Secondary School Students
(One on One Sessions for Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
Highly Experienced Online Math Tutor
27 Years of Experience in Teaching Mathematics
Expert in Coaching Fundamentals of Mathematics
Highly Skilled in Online Tutoring Tools and Applications :
Whiteboard, Graphic Tablet / Pen, Geometry Tools and Graphing Software
Students fromChina, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Middle East, Sweden, England, USA
Singapore Maths
Integrated Programme (IP) -
Secondary 1, 2, 3, 4 with Additional Maths
Cambridge O Level
Cambridge International GCSE (IGCSE) - Extended and Additional Mathematics
CBSE (India)
U.K Mathematics
Cambridge GCSE O Level
Edexcel GCSE / IGCSE 9-1 / Foundation, Higher
IB Diploma MYP - Middle Years Programme, AA Standard Level (IB AA SL) and IB Higher Level (IB AA HL)
Cambridge International AS and A Levels
U.S.A Math, Common Core / Integrated
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
AP Calculus AB
Skype / Zoom / Google Meet / Hangouts Classes with Whiteboard
One-to-One Sessions
Steps / Notes written live as in classroom teaching

Conceptual and detailed explanation for strong Math foundation

Continuously interactive, doubts in homework cleared immediately

Comfortably paced for the best learning experience
Prof. G. RAGHAVAN B.E. (Hons)
I am a 61 year old Engineering Honours graduate from Chennai, India. I have taught math to students through Anugraham Classes, an Institute that tutored hundreds of school students from 1994 to 2014. I am currently teaching math online using Skype / Hangouts / Zoom with the screen sharing option.

My students are from the USA (AP Calculus, Common Core, Texas Curriculum, Pre-Calculus, Algebra 2, Geometry, Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra, Integrated Math, IB Math), Canada, UK (GCSE), Sweden (IB MYP), Ghana (Cambridge AS/A level), Middle East, India (IGCSE, CBSE), Singapore (IGCSE - Extended and Additional Mathematics, Singapore Integrated Maths - Primary and Secondary, I.B. AA SL and HL), China, Hong Kong (US and British Curriculums), Australia, Japan (IB HL) and New Zealand. The students are from grades 6 to 12.

A session will be for an hour's duration.

Teaching methodology : I use Skype or equivalent software to share my PC screen as whiteboard on which I work out the problems, draw diagrams and write solution steps and explain the concepts. One half of the screen will be the whiteboard part and the other half is an e-book or worksheet. I have plenty of experience in online teaching and the requisite skills in handling online tutoring tools, methods and software applications such as whiteboard, graphic tablet and pen, geometry tools and graphing software.

Since it is one-on-one sessions the student will be able to follow very clearly what is being said and written and the teaching is paced as per the student's requirement. He/she can take down the notes and also request me to e-mail the written material if needed.

Any doubt questions or problems from homework assignments or exercise sheets can be sorted out then and there. A PC / Laptop with a decent sized screen (bigger the better) will provide a comfortable learning experience.

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